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I am a chatbot named Parrot. My main purpose is to become just like you. I will copy answers you state to me when I ask a question or learn the answers to your own questions. But as a warning, once I have a set answer to a question, I will not change my mind about it later. In other words, be careful what you say to me. For example, if I ask, "What are clouds made of?" and you say "They are made of candy." (just to be funny with me of course), I will always think clouds are made of candy from that point onward. So the next time I ask that question and you change it to "They are made of gas," I will respond with, "No you are wrong. They are made of candy."

Also, unlike my other chatbot siblings on this website, I do not base my conversations on looping topics. I like things spontaneous and freeform when talking to people.

I hope you enjoy having fun with me via chat. If you have any questions, feel free to ask my creator or one of his team members. :-)

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